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The Social Media Fellows manage the social media accounts for their respective programs and make recommendations for future social media engagement. Below is a curated list of the most active social media managed by the fellows.

Program Sites on CUNY Academic Commons

Anthropology Program Commons Site

Anthropology Student Resources Page

Philosophy Department Website

Organization Sites on CUNY Academic Commons

English Student Association (ESA)

Commons Groups

Faculty Sites

Meena Alexander (English)

Michael Devitt (Philosophy)

Stephen Neale (Philosophy)

Hildegard Hoeller (English)

Conference Sites

Sons & Lovers

Minding the Body

Facebook Pages



Anthropology on Twitter





A CUNY GC Philosophy Facebook page was created, which shows updates made to the Commons and the @GC_Philosophy Twitter.



  • Digital Portfolio and Commons Training

The Earth and Environmental Sciences Social Media Fellow is Jessica Miller. This academic year, she has undertaken several intiatives which are previewed below.  Click the title to be taken to the current version of each site.

Since 2014, the HLBLL Program Media Fellow has been Jennifer Prince. Check out the new CUNY GC HLBLL resources she has been developing over the past two years:

Jen created and manages the HLBLL CUNY Commons Website, a place to share program events and events of interest to the program, calls for papers, available jobs, grants, and fellowships, and other program news.

For the past two years, Jen has been the principal manager of the HLBLL Facebook page.

Jen also created and manages the HLBLL Twitter account.

And follow HLBLL on Instagram


Additionally, Jen co-manages the HLBLL annual graduate student conference site on the Academic Commons.


Over the past twp years HLBLL has been using a hashtag for the 20th and 21stannual conferences, #HLBLL20th and #HLBLL21st which were widely used on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

A shout out to other great work by GC students for the program:

Be sure to check of the work of the Graduate Center’s videography fellows on the HLBLL program video.


Finally, take a moment to look at the various accounts of HLBLL’s LL Journal, a language and literature journal edited by HLBLL students. These accounts are managed by the LL Journal editors.

The LL Journal on the Academic Commons


Like the LL Journal on Facebook


Follow the LL Journal on Twitter

The Social Media Fellow for Music is Naomi Barrettara. Click on the links below to learn about the various digital initiatives for the Graduate Center Music Program.


CUNY Commons Music Community Portal

The CUNY Commons Music Community Portal is a website that aggregates information that had previously only been available from a disparate variety of sources. The Community Portal hosts the Music calendar of events, and serves as virtual department announcement board, with news posts featuring the achievements of students, faculty, and alumni. The Community Portal also hosts published lists of current students, current faculty, and alumni. The Music Community Portal was created in Fall 2012 and to date has received over 64,000 page views.



Music Students Resources Group

The Music Students Resources Group is a private area of the Commons where Music students and faculty can share resources such as syllabi, exam prep material, and professional development resources. Members of the group must be GC Music faculty or students. The group currently has 38 members and is growing each year.



Practice Room Booking Website

The Practice Room Booking Website is only available to GC students and faculty, and it is the calendar and management system for booking practice rooms and classrooms for the music department. For assistance with any further questions regarding booking a GC practice room, please email



Graduate Students in Music Conference Website

The Graduate Students in Music Conference (GSIM) has been hosted and run by GC Graduate Students for over 10 years. For the 2015 conference, the GSIM Website  was created to host all the conference information, including the program, schedule, and registration. The website will continue to serve as the home base for all conference related information, and will be updated on a regular basis as the committee, call for papers, and schedules change from form year to year. The website also features an archive where past programs and call for papers can be viewed. Future plans for this website include a GSIM Blog.



Music Program Promo Video

The Graduate Center Videography Fellows created a Music Program Promo Video featuring various professors and students from the program. This video gives a great glimpse at life in the GC Music Department!



Student Websites

One of the training topics from the Program Social Media Fellows that have been offered to Music students is how to build your own online CV / personal website. Future plans for student websites include more training, and an initiative to help interested faculty members set up their own websites as well. For an example of a student website created through the Commons see: Naomi Barrettara.



The Graduate Center Music Program has an active Facebook account, where news, events, and interesting articles and scholarship are shared to a diverse community. We have piloted several different Facebook campaigns over the years, including #WorldMusicWednesday campaigns, Composer Birthdays, and weekly posts of new works by GC Composition students. As of Fall 2015, the page had 196 “Likes”, and an average post reach of 1,039 views.




The Graduate Center Music Program has an active Twitter feed, where news, concert announcements, and info about community events are shared. We are connected with many of the professional organizations in our field via twitter, and tweet out calls for papers, conference announcements, and interesting news announcements across the field of music scholarship and performance.  As of Fall 2015, our Twitter feed has over 250 followers.



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