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We are a team of graduate students who model and promote digital strategies to foster community engagement with the academic and scholarly work of the students, alumni, faculty, and staff of the Graduate Center, CUNY.

Each Program Social Media Fellow develops and aids in the maintenance of their program’s social media presence and is a resource to advise members of their program to plan and implement social media to share their work and promote events.

As a team, the social media fellows share ideas, explore new digital tools and strategies for engagement, develop methods of assessment, and to offer training to the Graduate Center community.

Current Fellows

academic headshotNaomi Barrettara, Music Program

Coordinator, Social Media Fellows.

Naomi is a Musicology PhD Candidate at the Graduate Center, CUNY. Her primary areas of research are music and copyright law, music and digital technology, opera history, and public musicology. Her interest in music and copyright law is primarily focused on the connection between music and the public domain, free culture, and open access. In addition to her studies, Naomi works as a Program Development Consultant in the Lectures and Community Engagement Department of the Metropolitan Opera Guild, where she teaches and lectures in various adult educational programs, lectures, and podcasts. Naomi is also a student in the Interactive Technology and Pedagogy Certificate Program at the Graduate Center, CUNY.

vmgz-ggCourtney Drayer, Earth and Environmental Sciences Program

Courtney Drayer is a doctoral student in the Earth and Environmental Sciences (EES) department at the CUNY Graduate Center. Her interests are in environmental health, stable isotope geochemistry, heavy metal geochemistry, and public health.  As a current Program Social Media Fellow, she is working towards integrating information from many sources into a usable and focused series of social media pages.

Paul-social-MediaPaul L. Hebert, English Program

Paul is a doctoral candidate in the English Program at the Graduate Center, CUNY. He teaches at Queens College, CUNY. His courses have included English Composition, Great Works of American Literature, Literary History, and Literary Theory. Paul’s dissertation focuses on early nineteenth century popular maritime literature and the ship as a critical paraspace. His research interests include critical race studies, transnational literature, and queer theory. In 2014-2015 he served as co-chair of the English Student Association (ESA) and in 2012-2013, co-chair of the ESA Conference. In his teaching, Paul emphasizes democratic pedagogy and open access.

Jen PrinceJennifer Prince, Hispanic and Luso-Brazillian Literatures and Languages Program

Jen is a PhD candidate in Hispanic and Luso-Brazilian Literatures and Languages who studies 20th and 21st century Peninsular (Spanish) literature. She also has completed the coursework for the Women’s Studies Certificate Program. Jen’s dissertation research includes representations of the Spanish Civil War written by women from America and Spain who were eyewitnesses to the conflict as well as how eyewitness accounts have been transmitted intergenerationally. Besides her work with the Program Social Media Fellows, Jen is the Doctoral Students’ Council Co-Chair for Business. She is a native Michigander and a former middle and high school Spanish teacher.

Jennifer Stoops, Urban Education Programjennifer-stoops

Jennifer received a BA in English Literature from New York University and a MA in English education from Brooklyn College, CUNY. Prior to matriculating in the Ph.D. program in Urban Education at the Graduate Center, CUNY, she taught middle school English Language Arts as a New York City Teaching Fellow in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Other education ventures include volunteering with 826NYC, a nonprofit organization that promotes adolescent literacy through creative writing, and instructing in-service teachers at Hunter College as an adjunct lecturer. Currently, she is a program officer at a private foundation that primarily funds children’s health and education organizations. A member of the Urban Education department’s Executive Committee, she also serves on the technology team and the general editorial board for the newly launched online journal, Theory, Research, and Action in Urban Education. She has served as a research assistant on the efficacy of the Anytime, Anyplace Learning Grant Program funded by the Sloan Foundation as well as on a study examining how civic educators of immigrant adolescents view their craft and the inherent tensions between social cohesion and cultural distinctiveness. Her own research interests explore the intersections of political economy, critical urban studies, education policy, and technology, with a focus on school restructuring.


Mark Porter Webb

Mark Porter Webb is a PhD student in Cultural Anthropology at the Graduate Center.  Originally from Cincinnati, Mark spent much of the last five years in Latin America teaching and working with a community organizing school.  He is excited about thinking creative uses of digital and social media as communication and teaching tools.  Mark is also a big fan of the online presentation creator, Prezi, and also has experience in digital music and sound production.

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